Briggs Lake Store

We started working with Kris back in late 2019 shortly after purchasing the Briggs Lake General Store.  At that time we needed to replace all of the PCs and update the wifi along with a few other upgrades.  All of this seemed completely overwhelming but Kris came in and worked his magic and had us back up and running within a few hours.  Since then he periodically checks in via email or in-person to see how things are running and lets me know if he sees any issues on his end with our equipment.  It's reassuring to know someone is looking out for us because if our network goes down so does our business.  I appreciate the fact that I can always shoot him a text or give him a call to troubleshoot when in a pinch.  He is always very responsive!  If you are looking for a reliable IT guy - Kris is it. 

Clear Waters Outfitting